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    I started smoking when I was 16 years old.  My dad smoked, my stepdad smoked.  Some of my friends smoked.  It was kind of a “cool” thing to do, or at least it seemed so to a teenager.  Cigarettes were reasonably cheap then:  The going rate at the convenience stores was $1.25 a pack, with one particular store selling packs for 99¢.  I’ve been smoking cigarettes ever since.

    Lately, of course, smoking has become less and less socially accepted.  No matter what your stance on the so-called second hand smoke studies, the public’s perception of smoking has been souring for some time.  Everyone knows it’s tremendously unhealthy for the smoker, and also for the people around them.  So, society has been cracking down on smoking in many ways.

    Personally, I’ve always considered myself a considerate smoker.  I’ve not smoked in a restaurant in years, even in places that allow smoking.  When I go outside to smoke at work, I won’t hang around the back door forcing people to walk through my cloud.  Instead I walk well away from the door and any pedestrian traffic.  I don’t discard cigarette butts on the ground:  If there’s no ashtray around, I extinguish my butt and place it in a trash can.  If there’s no trash can around, the butt goes in my back pocket until I come across a suitable receptacle.  If I’m in a public place, like the bowling alley, and am around friends who don’t smoke, I’ll move well away from them when I do smoke.

    When I bought my house, and was expecting my first child, my girlfriend and I decided I would not smoke in the house.  She didn’t want the nasty smell, and we both knew it would be unhealthy for the baby.  So I’ve been going outside to smoke at home for the past 2 years.  Of course, I smoke outside at work.  The only places I smoke indoors are the bowling alley (away from my teammates) and at bars.

    Now, our small city is considering a smoking ban.  No smoking in any public businesses, including bars.  Actually, the city already passed the ban, but a group of business owners got a petition signed to put the issue to a public vote.  It’s been a nasty fight on both sides, and the vote is next Tuesday.  Needless to say, it’s been the hot topic in this little town of  26,000.

    Plus, the prices of cigarettes keep going up.  The new Federal cigarette tax just went into effect today.  A 62¢ per pack hike.  As it is, I’ve been trying to cut down on my consumption mostly for the goal of saving money.  At my peak, I was smoking a carton (10 packs) every week (7 days).  Just over a pack a day.  Lately, I’ve cut that down to just over a half a pack a day on the average. (10-12 cigarettes)

    So, I thought I’d start this blog, sharing my experiences with smoking and the issues surrounding it.  I’ve got ideas about the taxes, and the bans.  I’ve got ideas on my own smoking.  It could be interesting.  At the very least, it gives me something to do besides smoke.

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    7 Responses to “Starting a new blog”

    1. Dawn Says:

      It must be hard to think about quitting, I know how hard it is to stop doing something that you have done forever, example I drink Dr. Pepper, now some people would say it’s not the same but I beg to differ….I have been drinking Dr. Pepper since I was a kid and even though I try to cut down and I say that I am going to give it up, I don’t…..I also know that it is bad for my health…17 spoons of sugar and lots of caffeine are terrible for my system…I don’t want diabetes and I would love to lose weight….so I lie to my self and say I am cutting down and will quit…but not…..The only thing I can say about your smoking is that you want to be around for the life of your child and lung cancer is not fun….love ya…

    2. A Smoker Says:

      I have to tell you that as someone who smokes – smoking for me is quite relaxing and it helps to alleviate stress for me.

      I can understand you wanting to quit smoking but just remember it’s gonna be a hard thing to do! I know quite a few people who have started to quit only to start smoking again plus a lot of people who try to quit smoking gain more weight because they eat more food.

      And what is really ironic is that I have heard some people tell me that they have heard other people say that quitting “crack cocaine” is easier than quitting smoking! – Can you believe that!

    3. Bohrminator Says:

      Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! Consequently: thank you and please please go on with your good work. I’ll surely come back and check for new stories! Greetz

    4. Kathy Says:

      The government promoted this smoking addiction, and I want to know where the outrageous taxes we are paying are going. I am sick of being discriminated against, and looked doen upon for my addiction to nicotine. I have always been careful to consider the rights of non-smokers, but this tax thing has me pissed. We were told the money was going to be used for the benefit of cronic smokers….free, so we could kick the habit. But nowhere have I seen any movement to supply and demand I am sick to death of the lies we are being told. I want an accounting of the taxes collected and where those monies are going.

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